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Ministers & Office Holders

Rev Mike Cansdale Rev Mike Cansdale (Anglican)
01535 607003
Rev Ruth Crompton Rev Ruth Crompton (Methodist)
01535 652353
Rev Jonathan Pritchard Rev Jonathan Pritchard (Anglican)
01535 665312
Rev Graham Potter Rev Graham Potter (Anglican)
01535 681034
Deacon Jackie Fowler Deacon Jackie Fowler (Methodist)
01274 231494
Rev Natasha Thomas Rev Natasha Thomas (Anglican)
07887 707221
Paul Fleming Paul Fleming
Operations Manager
01535 607003
Rev Tracey Raistrick Rev Tracey Raistrick (Anglican)
07850 940079
Denise Butcher Denise Butcher
Senior Steward
Hall Lettings
Bell Tower Secretary
01535 600463
Howard Carter Howard Carter
Church Warden
01535 604350
Andrew Parfitt Andrew Parfitt
Church Warden
07778 927390


Although they are side by side, the Church and Hall have different postal addresses.

Church Hall Parish Office
Monday–Thursday, 10.00am–1.00pm
Church Street
BD21 5HT
Market Street
BD21 5AD
8–10 North Street
BD21 3SE
01535 607003

How to find us

Click here and select Find Us to see a map showing where the church is. We are within about 10 minutes' walk from the bus and train stations.

The main church entrance is the west door on the Church Street side. The hall is approached by the footpath which joins Church Street and Market Street, on the south side of the church.

There is a small church car park at the Market Street entrance; Morrisons and the Market car parks are also very nearby. It is a long way round by road (though not far by foot) between the Church Street and Market Street entrances. Church Street is one-way, with access from South Street.

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